&Breathe's Little Black Book

You've been on a retreat, now here's your access to our very best secrets and not-so-secret experts, tips, reading lists, places, resources, videos and gadgets to help you through every stage of baby and toddlerhood, whether travelling or at home.  They've all got one thing in common, they're here to make your life as a parent a little bit easier.  Whether that's self-care for you, a life-changing solution for your bubba or a moment's mindfulness, or a much-needed belly-laugh, we're here to help you come up for air.

These contacts and suggestions are curated from Founder &Breathe's experience as a mother and from the suggestions and experiences of the experts &Breathe works with, as well as from retreaters and other mothers.  Let us know if there's anything you think should be on here!


Reading List (for support and laughs)

Recipes (coming soon)


Travel Tips and Tricks

Parenting Experts and Health

Cool Baby Brands

Cool Mama & Papa Brands


reading list

Not as boring as it sounds.  These books, blogs and sites are great for support and a good few laughs.  When you're up, when you're down, these gals and boys have been there.



Intro to downloads

Mindfulness - be your best you

Our Resident Happiness Coach, Olivia Horne is an absolute star and is perfect for bringing the calm out in you; especially when it feels harder than it should be.  Below is a series of videos that she has created for &Breathe to help guide you to calm through the chaos, whether your're a newbie to meditation or a zen master.  They're packed with guided meditation, encouraging snippets and short exercises to help you find quiet moments during the day and be your best you.


Work it

A large proportion of you lovely retreaters have visited us during mat leave.  Some of you are excited about going back to work, others less so.  Whether you're planning on going back to your office job, negotiating a flexible option, or jacking it all in for a new direction, it can be nerve-wracking considering the next stage.  The Step Up Club has shared with us a little bit of insight into the whole 'working it' question.  

Download their Whistle Stop Guide to Maternity Leave here.
Find out more about the Step Up Club here.