We all need time to come up for air, especially with a new baby in tow.  Which retreat will help you &Breathe?

Retreats in France



  • Families of 3; two adults and baby under 18 months
  • 5-12 May 2018 | 2-9 June 2018 | 7-13 July 2018 | 2-8 Sept 2018 | 9-15 Sept 2018
  • From £2100 per family

Our original retreat, incorporating fitness, great food, and lots of feel good relaxation - perfect for new families to come up for air in those sleep-deprived first months!  A super option for a first family holiday abroad, focusing on parental self-care.

&Breathe toddler plus

Toddler Plus

  • Families of 3-4; usually older sibling (under 5 yrs) + baby (under 18 months)
  • Or two under 5yrs eg twins.
  • Additional siblings for a supplement; discounts for families with one child under 5yrs.
  • 10-16 June 2018 | 14-20 July 2018 | 16-22 Sept 2018 | 23-29 Sept 2018
  • From £2350 per family

Like original Classic, but upgraded for families with more than one munchkin. The Toddler Plus welcomes families who've just had their second child plus older sibling, but also one child/twin families who aren't quite babies any more!  All the super goodness of a Classic retreat but with activity-based childcare for those energetic older children.

xtend 1.jpg

&Breathe Flow

  • Families or three or four, babies usually 12 months and under, toddlers welcome too.
  • 13-19 May 2018 | 30 Sept-6 Oct 2018
  • From £2100 per family

Join our brand new &Breathe Flow retreat for 2018, led by the renowned Lynn Murphy of the Active Birth Centre in London, and Sanita Ellis, passionate post-natal doula.  A gentle introduction to postnatal movement through pilates matwork and postnatal yoga, as well as warming and healing massages and treatments, baby bonding and nourishment to help you heal and come together as a brand new family.

Retreats in Morocco


winter sun

  • Families of 3 & families of 4; mixed retreat welcoming those with one baby or with toddler and baby in tow
  • Supplements apply for more than two children
  • 3-10 March 2018 | November 2018 (dates TBC)
  • From £2100 per family of 3; from £2750 per family of 4

When you just have to get away from grey winter skies, our new Winter Sun retreat is the perfect antidote for seasonal blues.  With a beautiful venue, stunning views, delicious food and the wonderfully laidback Essaouira nearby, our Winter Sun Retreat offers all the usual &Breathe goodness (fit, food, feel) in an uplifting setting.

Bespoke Retreats


Silver spoon

  • One family (exclusive use) or up to three families of friends who book together (private retreat)
  • Upon request
  • from £12,000 per family (exclusive use); £6500 per family for two or three families booking together (private retreat)

Our Bespoke Retreats are entirely tailored to your needs, giving you full run of the beautiful Manoir La Croix de La Jugie and as many instructor and expert-led sessions as you can fit in!  Have a look at the suggested itinerary here and get in touch to see what we can create for you.