Introducing Tiny Fish!

Kristina Carman started life as a ballet dancer, before injury derailed her dreams of dancing professionally and she became a make-up artist for ad campaigns, magazines, videos and celebrities.  She found yoga to be a form of healing, movement and exercise and is qualified as a 500hr Ashtanga Vinyasa instructor as well as holdingpre- and post-natal yoga, kids yoga and yoga therapies qualifications.  Kristina started Tiny Fish with her friend Erin to bring together fashion and exercise and ow with two kids in tow, truly lives the motto 'inspired by yoga, created for life'.

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What prompted you to start Tiny Fish?

We really wanted to create something that brought together our love for fashion and yogic experiences. Tiny Fish is about empowering you- bringing you back into your body and mind and encouraging you to live your true life confidently.

Your tagline is 'Inspired by yoga, created for life' does that stem from your own experience as a mum, yogi and entrepreneur?

Yes, absolutely! We are a lifestyle brand. Yoga is an incredible practice, that far transcends the physical asana poses so the inspiration for Tiny Fish comes from this as we are all about lifestyle choices. We are a yoga inspired fitness fashion brand that takes inspiration from fashion, fitness, happiness, art, wellness, mindfulness and lifestyle, we create good quality studio to street styles using colour and prints.


You are a real globetrotter!  Where is your favourite place in the world?

Well, New York will always be my "home" as it’s where I lived most of my 20's as a single girl and it left such an impression on me and my whole outlook, to my work ethic to what I will and will not stand for- plus it’s a fabulous beast of a city. But honestly my fave place would be Bali! Its an incredible contrast of mad, busy and functioning living place but then there is this peacefulness in the lifestyle, beaches, cafes, yoga, surfing and then the amazing traditions of the Balinese people. It’s a developing country and many people have far less than us; it’s amazing and humbling and we have so much to learn from that.


How do you balance running your own company with being a mum?  Has that changed as your boys have got older?

Yes, definitely a lot easier now that the boys are both in school. When they were really little I did a lot of "thinking" about Tiny Fish rather than "doing". But as much as I had really frustrating days that I wasn't getting anywhere career wise, looking back I'm grateful and lucky that I could take the time to be with my little men. I also, did my yoga teacher training along with loads of fashion, sewing and computer design courses which was brilliant. When we came back to live in the UK, the boys pretty much started school, so I could drop them off and really focus on Tiny Fish. Once they get home, it’s sort of half work, with just managing emails etc while cooking dinner. We try to sit and eat dinner as a family most evenings (this is really important to me), then bath and bed for the boys. I try really hard not to work once they've gone to bed as I need some "me" time and hubby time, but this doesn't always happen. It’s a new business so it’s time consuming, but the balance is coming....hopefully.

What's your best advice for new parents wanting to come up for air?

Honestly, so many people give you all sorts of advice, but really the best thing is follow your intuition - it never lies.  This is really key.  Work out what's best for you and your family, not what everyone else thinks you should do. Communicate with your partner - even when you don't want to, or are at odds: their support is really important because they are in this crazy journey with you!  Breathe, enjoy the journey, and know that the bad days don't last.

Best relaxation tip?

Meditation or breath work is incredible. A lot of people say they don't have time or they don't know what to do.  For me, it’s simple.  

  • Take 5-10 minutes where you can sit quietly (sometimes this is in very unusual places, I've found myself locked in the bathroom or sitting in the car before I get the boys from school).  Just breath in and out, focusing on your exhalation. Think ‘in’ and ‘out’.  You can count if that's easier, but just focus on the exhale.  Doesn't matter if your mind wonders, when it does, just come back to ‘in’ and ‘out’ and your focus on the exhale.
  • Then I also love ‘legs up on the wall’ - making a 90 degree angle with your body. So relaxing.
legs up the wall.jpg

What's the one thing you wish you'd known before having kids?

A few things actually!

  • One size doesn't fit all. What works for some doesn't work for everyone. There is so much advice and information available and it’s important to read and educate yourself, but take that on board and see if it fits for you. Sometimes the answer is simple and yet we over think it
  • I grew up in a home where my mum pretty much gave up all her other interests when she had kids - I assumed that I had to do the same. YOU DO NOT and SHOULD NOT!!! Your kids, your hubby your family and your life will be so much happier and benefit from you being content and fulfilled.  I hear so many women say ‘my children are everything, they are my world and my every happiness’.  How unfair to that child or partner and what pressure to put on them.  I really believe that you cannot look to someone else (even your child) to fulfill you and bring you happiness. Keep your friends and hobbies, learn new things, take courses, challenge yourself, read, write exercise, spend time with your partner (where you are not just talking about your kids), do things you really love, take time for yourself.
  • I wish someone told me how much my relationship with my partner would change. I just thought it would kind of stay the same, as we were really solid before the boys. It doesn't, it shakes you massively. So, love, communication, kindness and openness is key and needs to be worked on daily. We still do stuff and go out together a lot, because he's my best friend and I want to share my life with him, not just raise kids. What does one life really mean? Your partner is there to witness it and share it with you, but it takes open, honest commitment and work on both sides.

What's your life-saver item that helps everything be a little bit better?

Ha, I'm a makeup artist, so this list could get a little long....I have so many fave products!  But honestly life saver: concealer, cream blush and coconut oil.



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