In praise of Capsule Wardrobes

I used to think that people with awesomely pulled together capsule wardrobes were either super duper organised businesswomen or people who cared far more about their wardrobes than me.  Turns they were on to something.  Being a mummy has turned me into a capsule believer.

It seems that the pressure of dressing myself decently with far fewer hours to spare and absolutely zero time to shop really concentrates the mind.  Once I’d decided I had to stop dressing from the pile of clothes on the floor, I knew I had to consolidate.  You might not struggle with your post-baby style (brava!) but I definitely did, a narrowing it down to some key themes and pieces meant I rediscovered me, in a slightly altered identity, but comfortable with it.

So here’s why I like capsule wardrobes.



less choice  

Who has the time, energy, or inclination, with a little baby, to spend more than about 30 seconds on their outfit in the morning (or more likely, afternoon)?  Toddlers need constant entertaining, and funnily enough, ‘let’s dress mummy’ is not top of my daughter’s list.

everything goes together

So when you have to change your top because Ella’s Kitchen is not a good look, you know you can just pull the next t-shirt out of the drawer and sling it on without worrying.

clothes shopping gets SO much easier

You don’t have to worry about that on trend pattern not going with anything else in your closet.  Find a pallet and stick to it, add some accents each season, but that’s about as tricky as it gets.  If you obsess over breton tops like me, you’re sorted anyway.

fewer stupid purchases

I can’t pull off neon.  I know that, but it didn’t stop me trying in my, ahem, youth.  Now that neon definitely has no part to play in my oh-so-chic capsule wardrobe, I’ve finally let it go.

things last longer

Having fewer seasonal pieces means you don’t have to keep replacing them, or keep getting tempted by what’s in the shops (if you ever get to them).  It also means you tend to buy better quality pieces, which last more than three washes (I’m looking at you H&M).

What’s in my capsule wardrobe

  • Lots of neutral colours (grey, white, blue/denim, and a bit of black, some khaki)
  • Accent colours (leopard print, leopard print in grey, sparkles, some patterned prints
  • Decent coat, I have a Barbour which I wear to death for smart, casual, town and country; but also a yellow oversized coat which is also a winter accent.
  • Statement necklace
  • Black tights, lots of them
  • Several different fits of jeans
  • Stripey tops
  • Black ankle boots, ballet pumps, plimsolls (I do own more shoes, but I very rarely wear them)
  • And when I was breastfeeding - lots of strappy tops that could be pulled down for boob access, and front opening shirts.

Go forth and be stylish!