Body Positive!

So the phrase of the moment is body positivity.  We think that’s ace.  Demi Lovato’s championing #nophotoshop with this fabulous post, Now Toronto magazine gloriously showcased naked bodies of all shapes, sizes, shades of gender, disabled and able-bodied for its New Year Old You message, and even immensely popular fitness bloggers like Anna Victoria with 86k followers are posting pics of their stomach rolls when they sit down. 

To be fair, the majority of Anna Victoria’s pictures are styled and posed so that she looks at her most amazing.  She does, after all, have a fitness-loving following to keep happy, and she does have a great body!  But we all have great bodies, even if they’re not stereotypically hot.  If you’re newly postnatal, I don’t know if you noticed, but you managed to grow and deliver an actual human being to the world.  Who gives a crap if you have a c-section scar, stretch marks, or a belly?  Haddas Ancliffe certainly doesn't.

At &Breathe, we want you to be happy with the way you are.  That doesn’t necessarily mean at all times (4am with no sleep is probably not going to be your best moment) but most of the time. Realising you’re pretty good the way you are is the best basis for joining one of our retreats, we're here to get you back on track and make you a healthier, more relaxed and more balanced you.  We’re not here to instantly zap that post-baby belly, and we’re not here to harangue you into giving up all your sweet treats.  We equip you with the tools to go forth and conquer life with a baby feeling great about yourself, with a sustainable feeling of wellbeing that comes from being your healthiest and fittest you, physically and mentally!  That means belly or no belly, skinny or curvy.  Feeling great about yourself means you can tackle so much more with that same positivity and pass on that same confidence to your child.  Oh and you might live a slightly longer and more comfortable life.

It’s not all about the way you look.  Images that condition us to think there’s only one way to be beautiful are two a penny.  We’re parents, we’ve been there, and we know that real life doesn’t come with a filter.  So here’s #onefromreallife.  

What mess?

What mess?



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