Video killed the radio star

Damn right it did, and here's why.  Sometimes you just need a big media boost to get you going, whether that's a regular fitness video, Davina style-y,  or a bit of a visual guide to help you perfect your technique.  Whilst we're not saying workout videos can replace the help, guidance and motivation of a proper PT session, videos can provide a bit of motivation and make you feel like you're not just waving your legs around on the living room floor for no reason.  You *will* be waving your legs around on the living room floor, but you'll feel a bit more expert whilst you're at it.  Which is why we've put together a series of video shorts for you, lovely reader! 

Our &Breathe Vids feature our wonderful butt-kicker, Caroline Bragg, and are just right for easing yourself back into exercise, picking up tips, and doing a workout on your own, but not on your own.  Check them out HERE!

And let us know what you'd like to see next!

Let's get physical, physical...