Relax, (wo)man!

Sometimes you just need to throw it all off and move your body around.  Except you can't because you've got a sleeping baby on you.  Or you have a mound of washing in one hand, an email to answer on your laptop and the Ocado driver just delivered your weekly shop (including all those tubs of Ben and Jerry's, it's ok, it's hot outside).  Life isn't easy and sometimes it pays to just let go.  That's what National Relaxation Day was about yesterday (yes, it turns out there is such a thing) and if I'd known about it sooner, I would have made sure I'd sat down and chilled the f*** out for a minute or two.

But wait, isn't that just the point about self-care?  We need to make the time to do it more often and without prompting.  Yes it's good to be reminded once in a while, but don't WAIT for that reminder before you do anything, because that's too late!  If I were waiting for the perfect opportunity to de-stress, when everything else was going perfectly, there were no to-do lists and a super well-behaved toddler/baby/dog, I might not get anywhere, ever.

So here's your excuse - &Breathe told you to.  If you can't get away for the night to a spa, or up the road to the hairdresser, or even have a mobile massage in your own home, just take 5 minutes to:

  • sit quietly with a cup of tea; or
  • breathe deeply; or
  • lie with your legs up the wall; or
  • put your headphones in and dance like a demon - you can find some awesome tunes here by the way; or
  • find an article you like and take the time to READ it, not skim it.  Surprisingly hard but well worth it for me; or
  • light your favourtie candle or find a flower and breathe in the scent.

There's a lot you can do and it needn't take long, so take some time and take a bit more care of yourself.  You have my permission ;-)