Throw some shapes

Picture this (it's not that hard): you're sleep deprived, the house is in chaos, your baby/toddler/husband/cat is doing something irritating and you don't understand why, your to do list is the length of several backs of envelopes and you can feel the headache coming on.  I had this this morning.

There are some lovely meditative exercises you can do (more on those from Olivia on the blog soon) but sometimes you can't even step away long enough to do that.  So it might be time for a good old dance around the kitchen.  And the good thing about this one is that your baby/toddler/husband/cat can join in!  Ok maybe not the cat, she'll probably just eye you up suspiciously.


I'm a massive fan of displacing irritation or anger (I have to do it quite a lot) and the power of music is second to none for it.  So grab your earphones or flick on the radio, and get your groove on.  If only for a few minutes, it helps to break the cycle and lifts your mood.

To give you a hand we've made these playlists.  Take your pick from upbeat to chill out to suit your need.  Oh and did we mention they're also AWESOME for exercising to?  So either carry on dancing to raise that heartrate or get your mat out for some starjumps and burpees.  

Multitasking music for you multitasking mamas - perfect!  Find your choons here.

Throw some shapes!