Introducing...Nicki Brown!

As we are putting on more of our award-winning retreats in 2018, we are welcoming more WONDERFUL team members to make your &Breathe experience so special.  Meet Nicki, our fabulous new &Breathe Retreat PT, with a friendly, bubbly personality and in-depth knowledge of pre- and post-natal fitness and training, she's your perfect retreat companion.

Nicki is a level 3 qualified personal trainer and works with clients of all abilities and strengths across East London.  Nicki also loves training pregnant and new mum clients and teaches pre- and post-natal classes at Frame. She is currently studying to become a sports massage therapist and is known for bringing fun and enthusiasm to all her sessions, after all she did used to be a bartender on a cruise ship!
Nicki B_ptsummer_109.jpg

questions, questions...

1) Name: Nicki Brown

2) &Breathe role: Personal Trainer

3) What brought you to &Breathe?  I have all sorts of clients, male and female and all levels of fitness, but I'm super passionate about working with pre- and post-natal clients.

4) Best healthy eating hack? Preparation is key, make sure you plan ahead, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS have good snacks on you so you don't cave halfway through the day.

5) Favourite fitness activity: Very tough question! Depends on day or mood, and it could be running, cycling, climbing, or yoga...really the list goes on....

6) What's your favourite thing to do just for you? Massage - I love it so much I've also trained as a sport massage therapist, as I know just how much good it can do you!

7) Wine or chocolate? Both, naturally!

8) What is your superhero power? Ability to fly - watch me go...

9) Favourite place to be in the world. On the beach, in the UK or anywhere else.

10) Best unusual fact about you. My family dates back to Lancashire witches on my dads side and to Bermuda as far back as the 1500’s on my mums side - what a mix!

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