Food: What should I be snacking on?

Healthy Snacks!

It's all very well having the intention to go without anything between meals and make sure you fill up properly and healthily just three times per day, but sometimes that's just not possible.  That's especially true if you're a time-pressed and exhausted new parent and you just have to eat when you can, and eat more to make up for your tiredness!

In fact, smaller meals and a snack mid-afternoon can be a great way to balance out your body sugars and help keep you fit and healthy (as your body is not storing unused energy as fat).

So what can you snack on that won't leave you feeling ill-balanced afterwards?  Audrey Archambault, &Breathe's Resident Nutritionist gives us these delicious options!

  • nuts + berries/apple/pear. You can also add unpasteurised live yoghurt or coconut/almond alternative;
  • unsweetened nut butter on celery sticks or other vegetable sticks veggies;
  • rye bread and guacamole or a bean dip or hummus;
  • roasted chick peas;
  • homemade protein balls.

All these options are low GI (glycaemic index) which means they are digested by the body in a better way than processed foods.  They are (handily!) quick, cheap and bloody sugar balancing, to avoid energy dips & cravings.  Proper live yoghurt (eg cultured diary or unpasteurised yoghurt) also contains beneficial bacteria for your gut health, which is basically the 'good bacteria' that is advertised in pro-biotic drinks.  If your gut is in good health, your body will be too.

Mumhack snacks!

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