Self-care Series: Celine Cohen

Self-care Series: Celine Cohen, founder of Allette 

At &Breathe, we're extremely passionate about our parental self-care mission. It's so important to make time for yourself in your parenting journey - self-care isn't selfish! After all if you're not at your best, how can you be at your best for those around you?

Celine Cohen is the Co-founder of Allette, fashion-forward, lasting pieces which happen to be maternity friendly. Allette makes clothes women actually want to wear - and then figures out how to stylishly and conveniently include nursing access. Find out more about Allette.

Credit: Celine Cohen

Credit: Celine Cohen


Work/Life Balance

&B: How do you manage to balance work and life?  Is it possible?!

CC: Owning my own business means I can manage my own "actual" time as I choose - which, of course,  is great. The bit that was challenging initially was managing my attention and being present during the various days' tasks and/or activities. Tuning off work when I'm with kids my kids and vice versa. To me this is the most important - not the amount of time you spend on one or the other but being completely present with whatever you're doing. I still have to remind myself sometimes that NOTHING is that urgent (except of course, when it is!)


Career vs Kids

&B:  How has your mission with Allette been a factor in keeping your professional life on track?  What would you have been doing otherwise?

CC: I came from a branding/advertising background, so Allette has allowed me to professionally go deeper into these disciplines with my own brand. Additionally, since I am the CEO and we are a small team I have had to learn numerous (numerous!) additional skills! Wherever Allette or I go, I know this experience will give me a much more well-rounded approach to business and an appreciation for being scrappy and productive. 

life lessons

&B: What do you hope to teach/pass on to your child(ren) by the way you live your life/mission?

CC:  I want my boys to know that they can explore all of their passions - there is no written path for them. And it's ok if they change their minds about what they like/dislike to do. I also want them to recognize that pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones can be very rewarding. But I also want them to feel like they can make family a priority and still have a career.  

Credit: Celine Cohen

Credit: Celine Cohen

I want my boys to know that they can explore all of their passions - there is no written path for them
— On life lessons for your kids



on keeping fit

&B: How do you like to keep fit and active?

CC:  I do yoga and pilates classes 2-3x week. I have regular classes I go to and I just work around them - the way I would a business meeting or school event. Of course sometimes I have to skip one but then I figure out when I can go next and commit to that. I go early morning before starting my work day or evenings and weekends when my husband can stay with the kids. Living in Brooklyn I also walk a ton which is just second nature!



on eating healthily

&B: What's your best foodhack secret to eating healthily?

CC: Family meals are always important, maybe it's because I'm French, I don't know! But eating a healthy meal as a family is a priority. I have several go-to recipes and appliances (hello Instapot!) but always make it a point to introduce new foods. To me it's not about eating or not eating certain things (although we do avoid preservatives), it's about variety. 



on relaxing

&B: What's your favourite thing to do to relax?

CC: Dinner at home or out with friends or my husband. Taking a walk. Yoga. Cooking. Playing a board game with my kids. Whatever the mood calls for. 

Not to neglect themselves.
— On her best selfcare tip for parents


#1 Selfcare Tip

&B: What's your number one self-care tip for mums or dads?

CC: Not to neglect themselves. This means carving out time for a social life, fitness routine and whatever else they love. Also knowing it's not ALL about the baby. It's ok to buy yourself a new pair of jeans or gadget! At Allette, we talk a lot about "if Mama looks good, she feels good. And if she feels good, baby feels good too." It could mean fashion but it could also be reading a great book - whatever makes you still feel like you. 


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