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  • two fitness classes per day for mums

  • dedicated dads fitness day midweek (rest day for mums)

  • optional run club 3 x per week (aimed at dads, mums welcome)

  • one personal training session per adult (more available)

  • one 60-minute massage per adult (more available)

  • at least four hours day time childcare, and one evening’s babysitting per family

  • all food and drink

  • accommodation at Gathering Oaks and use of all estate facilities, including pool and beautiful grounds

  • mid-week maid clean

  • exclusive &Breathe retreaters' content, tips and resources

  • pre-exercise consultation & personalised fitness plan

  • wellbeing & identity reading list

  • recipes and shopping list inspiration

  • welcome goody bag with treats and exclusive discounts from &Breathe and our friends

Travel to the retreat is not included.

International airports are close by to all our venues as well as domestic airport options. Transfers can be arranged for an additional fee, but we recommend car hire to make the most of your stay.

In more detail...


&Breathe's Head PT, the leading pre- and post-natal exercise expert, Caroline Bragg, will be devising and overseeing the fitness programme for both mums and dads for the week, helping you get back into exercise or upping your game.  She'll be assisted by the experienced George Pagan, who'll be personally leading most of the sessions.

Together, they'll ensure you get the right workout for you: taking into account your birth experience, general fitness level, weeks post-natal and any other aspects of your physical health.  We'll ensure you have a pre-exercise consultation during your one-to-one personal training session at the start of the week, so that we can create the right programme for you.

Classes will include HIIT training, pilates, up-tempo and boxing-based cardio, outdoor and indoor workouts as well as the all-important stretching element.  Dads classes (also tailored to needs) mid-week are a chance for partners to get active.  This gives mums a rest day, which helps muscles to recover and leaves your body ready to get back to it in the second half of the week.

Your Personal Training sessions are a chance to really focus on elements specific to you, and you will also receive a personalised Training Plan to take home, designed by George and Caroline over the course of the week.  Perfect to continue your good work!

credit Clio Wood for &Breathe
credit Clio Wood for &Breathe
credit Clio Wood for &Breathe


We’ll show you how you can eat healthily but with delicious food, and more importantly how you can keep on track when you get home, with recipe ideas, and shopping lists.  Our food will reflect the melting pot of the USA as well as influences from our other home venues in France and Morocco, using fresh, local ingredients sourced from farms and producers around Gathering Oaks in the heart of Texas. 

We realise you’re on holiday too, so there is room for a glass of wine and a treat or two as well!

Breakfasts are healthy and plentiful to set you up for the day.  Lunches are light but filling, such as hearty salads or a healthy soup to keep you going until dinner time.  Afternoon snacks are available before the second fitness classes of the day.  Dinners are healthy but rewarding, and are the perfect setting to get to know your fellow retreaters - and don't worry if your baby doesn't want to sleep, little dinner-table guests are par for the course.

Tea, coffee, and water available to help yourself at all times.

credit Clio Wood for &Breathe
credit Clio Wood for &Breathe
credit Clio Wood for &Breathe


It’s not often that a group of young parents come together in a totally relaxed setting.  We hope that you’ll make friends, share your stories and come up for air together.  We certainly learnt a few things and were able to help others with our own experiences on our first retreats.



We're not going to lie: you can really lose sight of who you are when you have a baby.  Our founder, Clio, really struggled with it in her first year as a mum, and we know exactly which resources she found most helpful.  We arm you with a list of sites, advisors, blogs and forums that might just help ease your transition into this whole mum & dad thing.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Our Resident Happiness Coach, Olivia Horne, has put together a series of guided meditations and exercises to help gently nudge you in the right direction when navigating the overwhelming world of new parenthood.  We give you access to these once you're on the retreat, but you can take a look whenever you like, when you're there or once you're back home.  When it all feels a bit much, taking a moment to focus on the here and now, on what's important can really help to ground you and give you back a bit of peace of mind.


Tap into our awesome style tips via our blog and receive retreat-only content once you are signed up to &Breathe. Clothing and beauty product pointers, our favourite shops, exclusive discounts and outfit suggestions are available as well as demo videos and more.  We'll help you get out of that XXL t-shirt you’ve been living in, and give you the confidence to pick the right practical but beautiful clothes to suit your taste and budget.


You were up almost 24/7 for the first few weeks.  It might be less painful now, but isn’t it time you had a rest?  Our massages might be the first time you've had to yourself since your little one was born - take the time to really zone out with a wonderful, soothing full-body massage our resident Massage Therapists.  We include a relaxing 60-minute massage for each adult during your stay, which will thoroughly de-stress you.  If that’s not enough, you can book as many further sessions as you like and we’ll organise payment on site.


Childcare during our Classic retreats is provided by trusted and professional nannies, who come to the estate especially for the retreats, as well as your hosts who are experienced parents and former nursery staff.  



All our venues are superb spaces for your revitalising re-boot.  Awash with wide open spaces and beautiful views, you'll relax into the fresh country air surrounded by nature.

Our properties tend to be built around a central House, with smaller lodges or wings of the house in the grounds or branching off the main house with bedrooms are spread throughout to give privacy as well as shared spaces.  We ensure that they are the perfect setting for a gathering, getting to know new friends and with wonderful set ups for relaxing, working out, eating and just being with your family. It’s also important to us that they provide oodles of privacy for you as a couple or young family getting to know your new identity.

&Breathe cherishes rural settings which are also close to city hubs for transport and to explore these cultural centres, so you can get away, but also have a mine of things to do with baby.

&Breathe provides all the baby and fitness equipment you might need and our venues’ beautiful interiors are a big step up from the usual family-friendly venues!  There are calming views, a super swimming pool, hidden terraces and well-tended gardens to enjoy on the estate, as well as kids toys, the retreat activities and cosy nooks for you to spend time as a family or with the group.

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Price Range (per family)

$3750 per family of 3, one bedroom: two adults and a baby under 18 months; sharing one bedroom

$4250 per family of 4, one bedroom: two adults, baby under 18m plus sibling under 5 (or two children under 3 years); sharing one bedroom

$4500 per family of 3, two bedrooms: two adults and a baby under 18 months accommodation in two bedrooms

$4950 per family of 4, two bedrooms: two adults, baby under 18m plus sibling under 5 (or two children under 3 years); accommodation in two bedrooms

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Join our waiting list for 2020 dates announced soon!


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