Three roads to normality  

Each of our retreats, day retreats and workshops combines the three strands of Fit, Food and Feel, to help you return to a happier and healthier way of life post-baby.




Fitness post-baby can be a minefield. We’re rarely given the right information to rehabilitate or regain fitness. &Breathe encourages proper form, strong foundations, full rehab and sustainable fitness habits to heal whilst building strength- remember, your body's just been through the biggest workout of its life!  If you're healthy and happy, you're a better parent to your little one.

Our classes are tailored to your level by all our qualified post-natal trainers to include pilates, core, flexibility and strength work. One-to-one PT consultation mean we can really understand your birth story and fitness levels in order to tailor activities throughout your programme.


We work with our resident nutritionist, Liz Sergeant, to bring you nourishing, inspirational, and sustainable meals and recipes, that you can also recreate at home!  And good news! We don’t frown on wine or pudding - we believe everything is best in moderation, plus you need enough fuel for your sleep-deprived body, especially if you are breast-feeding and healing from birth. You will finish our programme feeling lighter and healthier and prepared for healthy eating on your own.

This food philosophy (healthy, yummy, easy) runs through all our events from the catering on our week-long retreats, through the cooking demos and brunches on our day retreats, to the recipe cards and meal boxes at our workshops.


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No judgement here. Parenting is hard enough.

We give you a date night, childcare, time off, a massage and time to be yourselves as a new (or not-so-new) family.

We also introduce you to mindfulness if you’d like to spend some times breathing and give you plenty of new friends, resources, a retreat library and more to ensure you FEEL GOOD in mind as well as body.

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