Bring the grandparents for a multi-generational wellbeing retreat with &Breathe.

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From £6000 per FAMILY OF 6

Full Circle retreats cater for each generation of your family:

  • luxury accommodation and use of all estate facilities

  • all food and drink for adults and kids

  • pre exercise consultation, PT session and postural analysis per adult;

  • two fitness classes per day for mums, dads and grandparents

  • rest day with suggested excursions on Wednesday

  • massage per adult (more available)

  • childcare during fitness classes so you can workout in peace

  • one evening's childcare so you can enjoy a dinner out

  • planned age-appropriate activities for children during childcare and suggested activities for the rest of the day

  • maternity nurse or baby coach consultations available

  • Happiness Coach and meditation sessions to help bring you back to you

  • mid-week maid service

  • personalised fitness plan to take home

  • &Breathe resources and exclusive discounts from our friends

  • please note that transfers are not included but can be arranged; car hire is recommended for you to get around during the week.

A fab, unpretentious set-up that’s clearly been very carefully thought through and it really delivers.
— Nicola, September 2017

In more detail...



Everything you get on our award-winnings retreats and more: you will have an &Breathe specialist PT as your trainer for the week, helping you get back into exercise or upping your game. They'll ensure you get the right workout for you: taking into account your birth experience, general fitness level, weeks post-natal and any other aspects of your physical health - for both mums and dads. 

With grandparents joining, there will be specially-focused classes for different life stages and each adult's PT session will assess posture, core and pelvic floor as well as historical injuries and life-stage conditions in order to tailor the week to your needs.

Good exercise form and functional fitness are our focus, making sure you rehabilitate and build strength appropriate to you.  Classes are mix of cardio, strength training and toning classes as well as stretching and will be indoors and outdoors.  Our Run Club is also available for those with rehabbed pelvic floors and dads to enjoy the beautiful countryside.  You will also receive a Personal Training Plan to take home with you so you can carry on the good work at home!



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We’ll show you how you can eat healthily but with delicious food, and more importantly how you can keep on track when you get home, via &Breathe recipes.  We realise you’re on holiday too, so there is room for a glass of wine and a slice or three of French cheese!

Breakfasts are healthy and plentiful to set you up for the day.  Lunches are light but filling, afternoon snacks are served before the afternoon fitness class.  Dinners are healthy but rewarding, with a taste of France. Tea, coffee, filtered water on tap.




We provide you with all the feel-good support that &Breathe is known for.  A luxury, safe space in which to really de-stress and feel like you again as well as hosts and trainers who really 'get it'. 

All the &Breathe resources are available to you, and we also include massages, childcare and the chance for longed-for date nights.

Coming with extended family means you can fully relax in your home away from home, with those you know your routine and love spending time with. You might be surprised at how much more you engage with your other half when you're feeling much more like yourself too! Learn more about our Feel Good pillar here >>



The gorgeous Manoir La Croix de La Jugie is the venue for your revitalising re-boot.  As a rambling family home, it has everything you need for new babies and older children, as well as being the perfect setting for fitness and relaxation.  Read more


Price Range (per family of 6)

£6000 per family up to 6 people (usually two grandparents, two parents and two children), two bedrooms

Supplements: £2000 per additional bedroom.

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Add this package to any existing retreat date. See dates HERE.

From £6000 per FAMILY OF 6

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