Award-winning retreats designed specifically for new parents and their little ones, we help you re-boot, get fit & rehab safely.  We offer postnatal & family retreats in France, Morocco, USA and the UK to help you come up for air.  All with built-in childcare.

#2 The Telegraph Top 50 Family Holidays 2017

#10 The Times Top 50 France Holidays 2019


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We run family wellbeing & fitness retreats for:

  • families of three with a baby up to 18 months (Classic)

  • families of three with a toddler (Toddler+)

  • families of four with toddler and a baby (Toddler+)

  • families of four or more with young children up to approx. 5 years old (Toddler+)

  • multi-generational families of parents, grandparents and kids (Full Circle)

  • bespoke group retreats (Bespoke)

  • independent parents are welcome (reduced price, contact us for more info)

  • same-sex couples and adoptive parents welcome

Our focus is on selfcare for parents; proper rehabilitation and strengthening fitness for mums, challenging you appropriately; proper form and strength/fitness for dads; eating well and in a sustainably healthy way; taking time for you to breathe, be mindful, meditate or just relax with a book or new friends.  Massages and childcare options are always included. 

Want to know more? Check out retreat pages, read our FAQs, or fire us an email.


&Breathe draws together experts in pre- and post-natal fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing to provide all-round support for new parents.   Our hosts are empathetic and experience parents; our trainers are renowned in their fields for proper, safe, rehabilitation and exercise for post-partum mums, and dads; our massage therapists have magical hands; and our nannies have magic powers.

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La Croix de La Jugie, France

Our Founder's family Manoir is the European home for our original, award-winning retreats.

Visit our Classic, Toddler+ and Full Circle retreats here.

la colline des oliviers via &Breathe.jpg

La Colline des Oliviers, Morocco

Gorgeous old estate near Essaouira, a chilled, coastal retreat on the Atlantic.

Visit our Winter Sun retreat here.

gathering oaks via &Breathe.jpg

Gathering Oaks Retreat, USA

Restful and beautiful destination for our brand new USA retreats in Texas.

Visit our USA retreat here.

FS_Hampshire via &Breathe.jpg

Four Seasons Hampshire, UK

5* luxury hotel in glorious English countryside, for short breaks, closer to home.

Visit our 2-day retreats here.

Thank you...for helping us change our lives.
— Katie from Australia

We know.  We've been there.

&Breathe gives you the tools to come up for air after the first few manic months of parenthood, through effective exercise, healthy & delicious food, relaxing treatments and lifestyle & identity guidance.

Sleep-deprived parents, rejoice
— The Times

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