Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Our Resident Happiness Coach, Olivia Horne is an absolute star and is perfect for bringing the calm out in you; especially when it feels harder than it should be.  Below is a series of videos that she has created for &Breathe to help guide you to calm through the chaos, whether your're a newbie to meditation or a zen master.  They're packed with guided meditation, encouraging snippets and short exercises to help you find quiet moments during the day and be your best you.


So what on earth is mindfulness and how can it help us as new (and not-so-new) parents?  Meet the wonderful Olivia Horne, our Resident Happiness Coach.

B is for Breathe

Because we all need a moment sometimes, Olivia talks us through how to come up for air.

R is for Relate

A guided meditation to help you &Breathe.

E is for Empower

A guided meditation to help you &Breathe.

A is for awaken

Practising some simple techniques to help you be more present and awaken the senses.

T is for Thank

Because we always forget to thank ourselves and others.  Here's a few tips to bring gratitude into our lives.

E is for Everyday

How to make every day just a little more mindful and calm.