Meditation & Mindfulness Tools 

Here are some peaceful snippets of our beautiful venue in France, Manoir La Croix de La Jugie.  These are especially beautiful if you took part in a mindfulness/meditation session on one of our France retreats, but will also prove calming if you attended another venue.  Calm your mind and set the scene for some quiet time, use these short recordings to frame your pause.  And...Breathe...

top field sounds

Recreate the peaceful setting of the top field, away from the house and everyday life.  Follow the journey from the edge of the grass to the hidden nook in the middle and allow your breathing and mind to slow.  Focus on your breathing: where do you feel it best? In the tummy, chest or nose/mouth?  When your mind wanders away, bring your thoughts back to your breathing.

Video | 10 minutes.

Bees in lavender

Watch the bees in the lavender bush from the garden of Manoir La Croix de La Jugie.  Use the bees' flight to prompt mindful thought patterns: focus on their movement, tuning out any background noise.  Ask yourself, 'what is happening now?'

Video | 1 minute

Morning Mist

Remember the peace and quiet of La Jugie? This is a nice reminder of the cool mornings before the heat comes in.  Remind yourself of the importance of quiet time, mentally bring yourself back to your peaceful space whether that's here or at home.  Take ten deep, mindful breaths.  Name one thing you're grateful for today.  Tell yourself one positive thing you're going to do or be today.

Video | 22 seconds