We’re passionate about your wellbeing.

We’ve got awards aplenty, but it’s our retreaters’ experience that means the most. Read on to see what they love!

Throughout the stay we felt totally supported, and it has given my wife and I the time we needed to relax and get ourselves re-energised.
— John P.

Which retreat is for you?


Families of 3


Families of 4 or 5

Full Circle

Bring the grandparents along

What happens on a typical day?

Also included:

  • An individual PT session per adult;

  • one to one and group childcare;

  • run club for dads (and rehabbed mums);

  • dads fitness day mid-week;

  • group Q&A sessions with our experts;

  • cooking demonstrations;

  • date night with babysitting; and

  • family days out away from the retreat venue.

We are driven by parental and  women's wellbeing, and selfcare.
In fact it's why we were founded. .
So it's super exciting that we're heading to 📣🎙️speak🎙️📣 at @womenshealthuk LIVE today!
Especially after a packed few days with @babyboltholes new parent panel of @theyesmummum @mrshhayward @cissywears @makedoandpush @coral_pearl in our wonderful @lajugie.co.uk. .
Can't wait for @carolinebraggpt @itscliowood to teach at @harveynichols Sunday School On Tour about ❤️The Secret to Wellbeing in Motherhood❤️.
Something we know ALL about.
#wellbeing #selfcare #womenshealth #motherhood #parenthood #healthybodyhealthymind #healthandfitness

2019 dates

1-7 June 2019 | MIXED | From £2500 for 3

6-12 July 2019 | CLASSIC | WAITLIST

13-19 July 2019 | TODDLER PLUS | WAITLIST

7-13 Sept 2019 | MIXED | From £2500 for 3

2-9 Nov 2019 | WINTER SUN | From £2500 for 3

I’d 100% recommend this retreat and would love to do another one.
— Catherine M.