MumHood Retreats powered by &Breathe: the perfect complement to MumHood fitness classes in the UK and online.


Easter 2017 - 8-15 April - £1850

Early Summer 2017 - 27 May-3 June - £1850

Mid Summer 2017 - 15-22 July - £1850

Late Summer 2017 - 16-23 September - £1850

Price is per family: two adults and a baby under 18 months.  Siblings under 5 welcome on our Toddler Plus retreats.  Maximum five families per retreat.


  • two fitness classes per day for mums
  • dedicated dads fitness day midweek (rest day for mums)
  • one personal training session per adult (more available)
  • one massage per adult (more available)
  • four hours or one evening’s babysitting per family
  • all food and drink
  • accommodation and use of all estate facilities
  • transfers from Limoges (car hire recommended)
  • mid-week maid clean
  • exclusive &Breathe retreaters' style content, tips and resources
  • exercise consultation & personalised fitness plan
  • wellbeing & identity reading list
  • recipe cards and shopping list inspiration
  • welcome goody bag with treats and exclusive discounts from &Breathe and our friends
  • PLUS for MumHoodies, free online access to a course to suit your postnatal stage, and a MumHood top to sweat it out in!
Travel to France is not included.  Our nearest airport is Limoges Bellegarde (35 minutes drive), then Brive Dordogne (60 minutes drive).  You can also drive or get the train from the UK.  Please see our Travel page for more information.

In more detail...


MumHood is the pre- and post-natal fitness platform by Move Your Frame - the awesome, class-based, fitness concept now with four studios in London.  Pip and Joan, founders of Frame, are both mums.  They know first-hand, just as Clio does, how important keeping fit and healthy is to coping with your new mum identity.

As all three of us know, you’re going to need a new-found strength, both mentally and physically, to deal with carrying car seats up flights of stairs, cooking one-handed with a baby on your hip, and to endure yet another sleepless night, and the right kind of exercise during pregnancy and as a new mum can also go a long way to reducing (or completely preventing) any pain that can result from the changes going on in your body as your baby grows inside you, and as it starts to knit itself back together post birth.

There are tonnes of benefits to keeping healthy and active throughout pregnancy and as a mum, both physically and mentally.  As mums ourselves, we totally understand that there can seem to be a lot of barriers to keeping regular exercise a part of your life, which is why Pip and Joan created MumHood and why MumHood has teamed up with &Breathe to offer these Post-Natal Retreats.

Find out more about what's included on the Retreat here.



mumHood x &Breathe

As well as being our Head PT, the awesome Caroline Bragg is Captain of all things pre- and post-natal at Frame and MumHood.  Which means that your workouts will have the same super-fun vibe, and you'll get the same awesome tailored advice for your pregnancy and birth journey as well as your individual level of postnatal fitness.

Our Founder, Clio Wood, is a devotee of Frame classes and has been a member since they first opened in Shoreditch and throughout her pregnancy and postnatal days.  In fact, it's where Caroline and Clio first met!  And the rest, as they say, is history.

So it's a natural progression for all you Framers who know and love fitness and want to keep healthy and well in your new mum life.

Book a MumHood Retreat powered by &Breathe (choose the MumHood drop down in the booking form) to continue your MumHood journey, and receive some extra goodies, just for MumHoodies.  Find out more about what's involved on the retreat here.

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the retreat

Our MumHood Retreat powered by &Breathe includes all the award-winning aspects of our Classic Retreat, with the benefit of insider MumHood knowledge for a seamless transition in your health and fitness journey, and the same positive and fun vibe that you'll know and love from London.  You'll also receive special MumHood goodies in the form of a DVD or special access to MumHood online courses, as well as a MumHood top to wear whilst you're sweating it out.

Find out more about all aspects of the Retreat here.  To book just click and pick the MumHood dropdown in the booking form.


The gorgeous Manoir La Croix de La Jugie is the venue for your revitalising re-boot.  As a rambling family home, it has everything you need for new babies and older children, as well as being the perfect setting for fitness and relaxation.  Read more


upcoming dates

Easter 2017 - 8-15 April - £1850

Early Summer 2017 - 27 May-3 June - £1850

Mid Summer 2017 - 15-22 July - £1850

Late Summer 2017 - 16-23 September - £1850

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