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Bloom & Blossom

Ingredients-led natural skincare for the whole family, which is just divine. They have a fabulous Bath, Book and Bedtime range in conjunction with the Roald Dahl estate for older kids too.

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The fun and effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor. Make your pelvic floor health a priority. Better bladder control. Faster postnatal recovery. Stronger orgasms.

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Seriously good: a clinically proven range of electronic pelvic toners, vaginal cones and supplements for treating pelvic floor disorders including pelvic pain, bladder weakness, pelvic organ prolapse and lack of sexual sensation.

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Nurturing mums

Postnatal courses in London and the East Midlands that give you all the information you need to be calm, cool and confident as a parent. Become part of a sociable, like-minded group of new mums!

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Mummy MOT

We always recommend a women’s health physio health check for your body post-baby. Take a look at the Mummy MOT who are changing postnatal pelvic and abdominal care, one mum at a time. You can look up your nearest practitioner for an appointment.

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The Yes Company

The only Soil Association Certified intimate lubricant, Yes uses only the best organic ingredients so is perfect for helping you back to intimacy post-baby if things have changed a little. Don't be shy to reach out for help - self-care is so important!

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