USA Goodies

We love all of you equally, but here are some USA specific codes and discounts for some super American brands.  Whoop whoop!

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Natalie Garay | Ther-Happy

Natalie Garay is leading the charge for postpartum happiness and recovery with her movement and feel based programmes.  Based around pilates and optional flower essence therapy, she'll lead you through a grounding and strengthening journey back to you.

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Just because you're breastfeeding, doesn't mean you can't look amazing.  Allette was founded after Celine Cohen needed something to wear to a wedding when her son was 5 weeks old.  Enter some pretty awesome fashion!

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Partake foods

Everyone loves a cookie, and these are good for everyone!  If you have allergies, or food constraints, Partake has you covered.  Perfect for a little treat and great for those tricky kids parties too.

Get 15% off throughout the site with code BREATHE.