Work It.

A large proportion of you lovely retreaters have visited us during mat leave.  Some of you are excited about going back to work, others less so.  Whether you're planning on going back to your office job, negotiating a flexible option, or jacking it all in for a new direction, it can be nerve-wracking considering the next stage.  The Step Up Club has shared with us a little bit of insight into the whole 'working it' question.  

Download their Whistle Stop Guide to Maternity Leave here.

Find out more about the Step Up Club here, including info about their Step Up School.

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Wanna chat?

Sometimes you need an impartial and experienced ear to listen to your story and help you find your way.  There are all sorts of business, career and life coaches out there, but here are a few we know and like.  They can really help you find your path again, whether it's going back to work, finding a new job, starting a new business, becoming a consultant in your field, or turning freelance.  Or none of the above!

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Calandre orton

Coaching for creatives. "Come as you are with your talents and ideas, your concerns and doubts. Leave feeling encouraged, challenged and with a plan of how to reach your business potential."

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Nicky Raby

Do more of what you love and less of what you don't, helpful guidance about how to build your own career.  Also an interesting podcast about women running their own careers.

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Ruth Kudzi

Ruth works with female entrepreneurs to build their service-based businesses and take your career to the next level.  Great for those with an established business.  Great group support for those not sure of direction.

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Cori Javid

A business coach for mums.  Emphatic style, which gets results!  Wondering what you're doing? Cori might help get you the answer.

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Ray Dodd

Finding your magic and unlocking your potential is Ray's style.

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Anna Lundberg

Amongst other things, great for those wondering if the 9-5 is for them and what your direction might be otherwise.

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Fay Blakley

Started your own business but it's not quite going as you'd like? Fay might be able to help guide you.

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The No Bull Business School

What it says on the tin :-)

Going Freelance

An inspirational community, resources, podcast, blog and events for freelance parents and parent business owners trying to make flexible working work.

There’s a brilliant Facebook Group you can join and a good place to start is their website HERE.


Maternity Discrimination


Sadly still much needed, the brilliant organisation Pregnant then Screwed, founded by Joeli Brearly is an excellent resource ‘working to end the motherhood penalty’.

Pregnant then Screwed runs a free legal advice line, a mentor scheme for women taking legal action against an employer and a flexible working helpline. They also lobby the government for legislative change, organise events to help mums find work that works for them, support mums to start a career in politics, and document the stories of mothers who encounter workplace discrimination.

Together we will stop women getting screwed for using their uterus. HUZZAH!

Find out more here.