Looking for a trainer you can trust?

There's a lot of mis-information and frankly, BS, out there about pregnancy and postnatal/postpartum exercise.  Sometimes "qualified" fitness trainers just aren't, and the advice we see via media and social media (I'm looking at you Instagram) is misleading and often damaging.

So who do you turn to for pre and postpartum exercise and proper recovery and rehabilitation?

You may not get the right physical check-up from your GP, so make sure you visit a Women's Health Physio for a post-6-week assessment and examination.  You'll find out what stage you're at and how to help your rehabilitation. Then, when you're ready to rejoin the world of exercise (and we do advocate taking the first 6 weeks easily!) make sure you use a properly qualified trainer, or visit a class designed for new mums. 

Please beware - some of postpartum trainers and mom/mum & baby classes don't make the right modifications for different stages and you may be going beyond yourself.  If you have any doubts about the content of your sessions, drop us a line and we'd be happy to answer your queries!
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Here's who we love

Sometimes you need an impartial and experienced ear to listen to your story and help you find your way.  There are all sorts of business, career and life coaches out there, but here are a few we know and like.  They can really help you find your path again, whether it's going back to work, finding a new job, starting a new business, becoming a consultant in your field, or turning freelance.  Or none of the above!

Caroline Bragg

Coaching for creatives. "Come as you are with your talents and ideas, your concerns and doubts. Leave feeling encouraged, challenged and with a plan of how to reach your business potential."


Nicki Brown

Do more of what you love and less of what you don't, helpful guidance about how to build your own career.  Also an interesting podcast about women running their own careers.


Stef Larden

Ruth works with female entrepreneurs to build their service-based businesses and take your career to the next level.  Great for those with an established business.  Great group support for those not sure of direction.


Baz moffat

A business coach for mums.  Emphatic style, which gets results!  Wondering what you're doing? Cori might help get you the answer.


Brit Williams

Finding your magic and unlocking your potential is Ray's style. 


Ria Collett

Amongst other things, great for those wondering if the 9-5 is for them and what your direction might be otherwise.


Rob Solley

Started your own business but it's not quite going as you'd like? Fay might be able to help guide you.


Elizabeth Davies

What it says on the tin :-)