Work with Us

We love hearing from like-minded brands, venues and experts.  Do drop us a line if you fancy sharing your expertise, audience or venue - we love to build new things with all sorts of lovely people.

We also provide amazing goody bags for our guests and we are known for the quality of their content.  We've been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and we do not charge for goody bag presence, let us know if you'd like to include your product or service in our goody bags.  We also include our own &Breathe gifts in these bags.


Help us Grow

We're only little but we've had great success, won some awards, received amazing feedback and been featured in national and international press.  We'd like to take our #selfcare mission further!  If you'd like to help us, get on board!  To grow in France, the UK and beyond, we'll need:

Amazing, understanding RETREAT HOSTS (who can also cook)
Friendly, expert pre and postnatally certified PERSONAL TRAINERS
Expert and flexible NANNIES or MATERNITY NURSES
Other postnatal, family and women's health experts