Leggings, leggings, leggings

We know you made a whole list of good resolutions just the other day.  So if one of them was to get fit, you’ve come to the right place.  If you also have no freaking clue what you’re going to wear to do it, never fear, we have that answer too!

Most mummies we see have one gripe.  They want to get back in shape but don’t have anything to wear.  Don’t worry ladies, we feel your pain!  Getting healthier and fitter means feeling more like you and feeling good about yourself.  Plenty of you say that you just don’t feel good about yourself when your old gym clothes are just too tight at the moment, and frankly, who feels glamorous in their husband’s baggy old tshirt?  So we think some new kit that you feel good and will exercise better in is a great investment.  

Good leggings are expensive, and it’s a pain to keep returning by post (because who wants to traipse round Westfield with a screaming baby?)  So here’s our guide to a few of the best out there to suit bodies from newly postnatal to much further down the line.

For reference, I’m 5’1’’ and wear a size 8-10, curvy hips and bum!


We love Lululemon.  I wore their leggings through my pregnancy and post baby.  The high waisted versions have plenty of give to go over the bump or be folded down underneath it, and they shrank right back after I gave birth.  Perfect for when I was a little rounder and softer and wanted to be hugged in a bit.  A year or more bit of sitting, running around, exercising and mothering later, and they’re still going strong.  Perfect for any type of exercise and looking good on casual occasions too.  They also do a free in-store alteration service for length, great for shorties like me.
Buzzwords: sweatwicking, super stretchy, silver impregnated fibres (less smelly!)
Fit: No muffin top, slurps you in all the right places, but tight for wearing 100% of the time
Which ones: we love the Wunder Under Roll Downs
Price: £££

Tiny Fish

OK, so we’re a bit biased here, Tiny Fish, founded by the wonderful Kristina and Erin are firm Friends of &Breathe.  We chose them for their jazzy patterns, and super comfy fit.  They’re more relaxed than other brands in the legs, and their lightweight material means you can stay in them for hours and it feels like you’re wearing nothing.  You might want to size down for the legs, but be aware that the waistband is fairly true to size.  Perfect for taller, slightly straighter bodies.
Buzzwords: breathable, two-way stretch, UV protection
Fit: more relaxed, I bought the small and they’re slightly baggy around the knees
Which ones: we love the Sass and Marble patterns, perfect for wearing out and about too
Price: ££


Sweaty Betty

Another very cool brand that’s come to the forefront of the fashercise revolution.  Plenty of choice of fit and purpose, as well as some very cool patterns.  They also do a great set of black leggings in various sports, so brilliant for your go-to pair.  Fit is snug but not as forgiving as Lululemon’s, and they do a petite range, which is great for the less tall amongst you.
Buzzwords: sweat-wicking, breathable, drawcord for extra security
Fit: snug but not quite as forgiving around the waistband as Lululemon
Which ones: any of the Printed Workout Leggings, designed for everything from yoga to cardio classes.
Price: ££


Good old Nike.  I have an up and down relationship with Nike.  As a massive brand they have both low and high end ranges, so I find it can be a bit hit and miss to get the right fit and quality.  So when I say Nike, I don’t mean the stuff they produce for Sports Direct.  Buy direct and try the Legendary Tight or Epic Lux styles in classic plain colours or patterned goodness.  They’re both fairly thick so great for winter, with good huggability so it keeps you held in.  More sporty-looking than our other suggestions (I think it’s the seam positioning that does it) they don’t transition as well to a less active look, but great for casual use with a hoodie and trainers/plimsolls.
Buzzwords: it’s Nike, they know exercise
Fit: snug and safe
Which ones: we like Epic Lux
Price: ££


One last tip?  Steer clear of cheap leggings from Primark and H&M.  They might look good at first, but they usually last two washes before giving up the ghost.  And try to avoid natural fabrics too.  Contrary to the usual clothing wisdom, in leggings polyester, lycra, nylon and elastane are your friends!

Let’s throw some shapes!