Mummy + Style = Emma Bigger

Most people's style goes to pot after having a baby.  You're not alone - even celebrity fashion stylist, Emma Bigger, changed her clothing choices!  We had a chat with her to find out how she coped in the new sea of baby fluids...and more importantly, how you can too.


1 How did you get into fashion styling?  Or were you born Vogue-in-hand?

I decided to focus my career around fashion when I was about 15. I became obsessed with working in a fashion magazine and did hundreds of internships. I worked really hard (and for free!) proving myself for many years during summers off from school and uni but when I got my first fashion assistant position it was all worth it!

2 What's your favourite piece of clothing ever?

I don’t think I have an all-time favourite piece. I have had so many clothes over the years and my wardrobe is constantly changing and evolving. I have some great classic pieces that remain a constant in my wardrobe – my Chanel bag and my Celine camel coat.

3 What was your favourite post-natal item of clothing?

It’s so important with postnatal clothes that they make you feel nice. I know so many of my friends who grew to hate their postnatal wardrobe and associated it with negative things. This doesn’t mean dressing up or even making much of an effort. Chances are you want to be in your joggers or pjs a lot of the time in the early weeks so just invest in comfy but well fitted and soft pieces. I had a great pair of wool trousers from Asos that were super comfy and elasticated at the waist but because of the fit and fabric they looked good. Basically posh tracksuit bottoms! Ideal!

4 If you had to beg, borrow, or steal one accessory or item of clothing as a new parent, what would it be?

A soft and slouchy but stylish jumpsuit. Super easy to throw on.  [Ed: the one below is from Asos, no sleeves so great for breastfeeding too!]

No, you don't have to be a skinny minny to wear it, we've checked!

No, you don't have to be a skinny minny to wear it, we've checked!


5 Do you have any awesome style hacks for new mummies who are just getting used to their parent status?

Style is probably way down the list of priorities so have some key pieces that you can throw on but that will still look good. A pair of boyfriend jeans or cropped skinnies teamed with a statement trainer and a loose shirt (perfect for breastfeeding) is a great new mummy look.

6 How did your style identity change when you became a mummy?  Do you buy sensibly or stylishly?

It has definitely changed!! I used to wear a lot of leather, cashmere and silk!! That’s just not an option anymore! And heels!! I would run for the bus in heels! Not anymore. I don’t think I will ever buy sensibly but I do think a bit more practically now. I have my everyday look when I am not working which is low-key, low maintenance, simple and stylish. And when I am working I wear more on trend pieces. My style has definitely relaxed.

7 What's your secret to keeping it all together as a freelancer and mummy?

There is no secret and it is hard, but remember how lucky you are to have both a family and a career.  Just do what you can, stay happy and healthy and that will be great.


Emma Bigger is a freelance stylist and art director based in London.  She has worked all over the world for fashion labels and styling celebrities.  She was previously Fashion Editor at Company Magazine. / @evbigger

Catwalk, here we come!