We can all be leaders

I'm not one for political posts, nor, frankly am I usually armed with enough ammunition to discourse eloquently on current affairs with any conviction.  However, Trump's win over Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election has shocked and saddened me more than I thought it would.

I awoke this morning to feel disappointment at the world in which such a man - a proven misogynist and also racist to name just two of his qualities - could become President.  I know I, and many of you, exist in our own self-perpetuating news and views bubbles; and so will not comprehend how, when we thought we were all #withher, this could have happened.

I'm not saying that.  For me, I'm more sad at the collective 'we' who can vote for Trump because 'a woman should not hold the office of President' (Radio 4 interview with a female Trump voter).  That the views that Trump holds will somehow be legitimised now that he holds office.  And that my little girl will grow up in a world where sexism, rather than slowly dying, shows signs of returning to the common mindset.  Even if Trump's actions are not reflected in his policies and leanings (hard to believe, given his pro-life stance), that a man who can brag about sexually assaulting women has been given the seal of approval, and a tacit seal of approval to his views on women, is abhorent to me.

And so to leadership and parenting.  This is a tricky time for a strong feminist like me.  A tricky time for all parents.  However we feel, we must be strong for our children (no matter how cliched that sounds!)  It is our duty to be strong mums and dads, leaders in our sons' and daughters' lives, so that they don't feel the negative impact of such damaging behaviour.  We must model warmth, connection with our neighbours, diversity, kindness, fairness and equality, so that they can know what it is to bring people to together in strength rather than apart.  So that they can know that feminism is better everyone, that women and men are stronger when they are equal and that sexual assault and rape culture is NOT okay.

I never felt more devastated by a political outcome and it's because those views filter down to the lowest common denominator; and it's from here as parents, children, families, that we can fight them.  We can be the leaders that Trump isn't.

Be strong, mamas and papas

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