Loving and Loathing New Year's Resolutions...

Happy New Year!

Resolutions.   I’m terrible at keeping them, even though every year I decide that I will.  Definitely, 100%, for sure this year.  Actually, forget about keeping them, I don’t always remember I’ve made them, and that’s not a good start.  So if you’re anything like me, making New Year’s resolutions is pointless.

But there’s often a little birdy whispering in my ear about all the good things I’ll do (or should do) in this brand spanking new year, and there is something compelling about the 1st of January that feels more impactful and special.  Plus if you make them out loud, you have people (or your dog) to hold you to account.

If you’ve had a baby in the last year, chances are, life’s been hectic.  Now’s a good time to re-assess where you are.  Check the happiness, chaos and planning levels and see whether they tie in to your own personal goals or where you thought you’d be at this point.  How’s your identity as a new mummy?  Happy with staying at home/going back to work/starting your own projects? Feeling positive about your health and lifestyle?  Are you where you want to be?  

If you’re a bit iffy on any of those (and most of us are), maybe start to think about why and what to do to improve it.  It’s probably a long term process, so Instead of making lots of mindless resolutions, why not set one or two good ones to help you get there?  You can follow this great format to break it down into something achievable.  Our PT, Caroline, swears by it and often uses it to set exercise goals for her clients too.

G - Goal: what is my goal? Be specific!
R - Reality: where am I now? Be honest!
O - Options: what can I do to get there? What’s the best plan?
W - What will I do now? When by? Put some figures on it, keep on track.

Go get 'em, Tiger!

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