Introducing...Liz Sergeant!

As we are putting on more of our award-winning retreats in 2018, we are welcoming more WONDERFUL team members to make your &Breathe experience even more special. Meet Liz, our fabulous new Resident Nutritionist.  Her work with the nutritional and health journeys of a wide range of people, but in particular mums, means she is well-placed to help US make sure YOU get the very best menus on retreat!  Her recipes, tips and hacks will also be making an appearance through our &Breathe Retreater Club resource area, blog posts and in events; we can't wait!

Liz specialises in working with women and families from preconception and pregnancy through to postpartum nutrition, weaning and kids nutrition. As a mum to two little people herself, she has plenty of simple tricks and tips to keep you being your OptiMUM despite those sleepless nights. 

questions, questions...

1) Name: Liz Sergeant

2) &Breathe role: Nutritionist

3) What brought you to &Breathe? I love empowering mums with simple food ideas and nutrition information so they can feel awesome, be supersonic and have confidence in their ability to nourish their little ones.

4) Best healthy eating hack? It’s not very glamorous but I always have a stash of boiled eggs in the fridge. Quick to grab as a snack in my change bag and serves as a filling emergency breakfast, lunch or dinner for me and little one. We devour them just as them come or mashed as a salad with avocado, chopped tomatoes, chilli flakes, feta and whatever else I have lurking in the kitchen.

5) Favourite fitness activity: Oh - I love all activities, I’m one of those joiner types! I have a soft spot for weight lifting, deadlifts, squats and squat cleans are my favourites, and I love to get lost with my thoughts running or in a mindful yoga class.

6) What's your favourite thing to do just for you?  Yikes, I don’t remember! I need to learn from &Breathe to carve out some self-care time! I think it used to be going for a long walk before breakfast with the birds and my podcasts.

7) Wine or chocolate? Tough question but probably chocolate. I love Booja Booja truffles.

8) What is your superhero power? My superhero power would be shapeshifting… Just imagine how much fun it would be to become a bird or a super agile cat - my little one would find it hilarious!

9) Favourite place to be in the world: Watergate Bay, Cornwall. Specifically the Ocean Room in the Watergate Bay hotel or swimming (like a granny, head out of the water, I wouldn’t want to get my hair wet!) in the pool over looking the Bay.

10) Best unusual fact about you: I’m a retired golfer! I use to play off a 5 handicap but now can think of better ways to spend 4 hours of my spare time… I’m sure I’ll come out of retirement when I hit 60! ;-)

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