Introducing...Anna Shepherd!

Welcome, welcome...

As we are putting on more of our award-winning retreats in 2018, we are welcoming more WONDERFUL team members to make your &Breathe experience so special. Meet Anna, our fabulous new &Breathe Retreat Host, and as she's been on one of our France retreats herself, she knows exactly how to make you feel at home.

During her second maternity leave Anna decided 15 years in financial services was enough. Prompted by her time on an &Breathe retreat, and with a desire to be the master of her own destiny, she decided to embark on a Life Coaching course and look for something more fulfilling to do with her life. Anna is also reigniting her love of all things creative by retraining in furniture and interior design. 

Questions, questions...


1) Name: Anna Shepherd

2) &Breathe role:  Retreat Host

3) What brought you to &Breathe?  I came on a retreat in 2016 - &Breathe's first full season after they launched in 2015, with not one, not two, but THREE kids.  And we honestly had the best time with all of them.  I knew that &Breathe was something special.

4) Best healthy eating hack? Always keep a bag of washed baby spinach in the fridge - I add it to literally any savoury dish!   And being pre-washed saves your parental sanity sometimes.


5) Favourite fitness activity?  Pilates and kettlebells - pilates is great for rehabbing the core post-baby and with twins, I definitely felt the benefits.  Kettlebells are great for a sweatier workout once you're back to full fitness!

6) What's your favourite thing to do just for you?  Daily moisturising from top to toe and monthly pedicures, which complement my extensive Birkenstock collection.

7) Wine or chocolate? Wine is my gateway to chocolate! So it's always both if wine is on the agenda.  If I'm being refined it's organic dark chocolate, but most times I'm happy drowning in Crunchie Rocks and Maltesers.


8) What is your superhero power?  I'm a parent, does that count? [YES!]

9) Favourite place to be in the world.  Deeply immersed in nature.  I have huge love for all things green, but water holds a special place in my heart, and of course a freshly fall of snow on a mountain is just the best...

10) Best unusual fact about you.  I'm right handed but can only thread a needle with my left hand, so if you ever need a button sewing on...


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