Food: Sleep-deprived heros

Food Heros for Sleep-Deprived Parents

When we're sleep deprived, we tend to reach for the quickest and easiest foods, but these are not always the healthiest options.  Nor will they last you for very long!  Processed foods and sugary and/or salty snacks leave you wanting more, rather than satisfying your hunger.  So you end up eating more and more.  Not cool.

But we're super tired in the first few months (and more) of parenthood, so what are the best things to eat?

The rule of thumb according to &Breathe's Resident Nutritionist, Audrey Archambault, is to go for low GI (glycaemic index - this is a way of rating foods by how quickly they are digested and absorbed by the body) foods and proteins.  Proteins are super useful for stabilising blood sugar levels, which means they stabilise your energy levels.  They also help you to manage your weight, regulate your hormone production, and are great for liver, skin and bone health.


Give me some examples!

Some great things to try are:

And look out for more on the blog too!

Who needs sleep anyway?

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